BGP Peering Information

vXtream has an open peering policy and will generally peer with any other network where it makes sense and is convenient for both parties.

vXtream operates a BGPv4 network under the global autonomous system number ASN 29668. Qube maintains both IPv4 and IPv6 networks and is present in data centre facilities in the UK, USA and Switzerland.

vXtream is a member of ARIN in the USA and RIPE in the European region.

vXtream maintains peering information records on PeeringDB, please follow this link to view our peering information:
Our as-set macros are: RIPE::AS-VXTREAM and ARIN::AS-QUBE-US

Public Peering Exchange Points

London, United Kingdom

London Internet Exchange (LINX Juniper LAN)

Zurich, Switzerland

Swiss Internet Exchange (SwissIX)

Private Peering & Hosting Facilities

Level(3) Goswell Road (London, UK)
Telehouse North (London, UK)
111 8th Avenue (New York, USA)
e-shelter Zürich (Zurich, Switzerland)

To set up a peering session please contact us via email at: